• Drunken Kreeg

    Drunken Kreeg

    Seemingly in a perpetual state of drunkeness, Kreeg's love of the drink is rivaled only by his apparent hatred of sobriety.
  • Fargas Reel

    Fargas Reel

    a little over 200 pounds of pure grit, muscle, and attitude, its easy to see why this brawny inkeeper has managed to survive in a town like Bacon's Hollow. He even manages to make a decent living from the inn.
  • Smirotte Vidain

    Smirotte Vidain

    Draped in silk, jewels, and other finery, this seemingly out of place traveler would seem an easy mark to the average pickpocket. A more observant watcher would notice the cold cunning beneath his seemingly jovial blue eyes, and the ornate rapier, glowing