Once a thriving metropolis, Bacon’s Hollow has become little more than a ghost town, its few inhabitants are mostly refugees, outlaws, or criminals, looking for a place to hide. Death, it would seem, lies at the end of every alleyway, in a knife in the back or garrote across the neck. Paranoia and distrust are almost palpable, when even the legit businessmen and citizens have become indistinguishable from the murderous rabble that haunt its lonely streets.

As to how the town arrived at its present condition, none can say for sure. a scarce ten years ago it was a charming hamlet, brimming with friendly villagers and merchants, where the air was continually punctuated by the laughter of children and the smell of a thick stew, simmering at the local inn. Then, almost over night it seemed, nearly every man woman and child simply disappeared. The few people who remained had gone completely mad, rambling incessantly about unimaginable terrors. To this day, not a soul alive knows what horror befell the town of Bacon’s Hollow.

Since then, the town has been picked clean by scavengers, leaving entire neighborhoods vacant, save for the moaning of the wind and the creak of rattling shutters. Most of the folk who inhabit the town nowadays keep to the fringes, living in abandoned cellars or attics. There’s only one inn to speak of, and though an occasional shop or tavern will open now and then, they usually don’t last long. People have a way of disappearing in Bacon’s Hollow, leaving little more than a pool of blood and a cry in the night to remember them by. if your not careful, a similar fate could be yours as well.

Bacon's Hollow